About Us

Who We Are

C3 Construction is a family-owned commercial contractor based in Oklahoma.  Incorporated in 2005, and specializing in Architectural, Civil, Transportation, and Infrastructure.
  • Nationally Recognized
  • A Valued Partner
  • Certified Professional Constructors
  • Corporation Built on Integrity

What We Offer

From merely an idea to project completion, we have the expertise, staff, and are equipped to assist you every step of the way.

Concrete Production

Our in-house concrete production capabilities are one of the many self-performed trades that allow us to provide owners with quality, timely & cost-effective projects.

About C3Construction - Construction Management
General Contractor & Construction Management

Whether General Contractor or Construction Manager, C3 is unrivaled in the value and knowledge we bring to Secondary Schools and Higher Education projects.

Skilled Labor

When the work has to be precise, we have the skilled labor force to make sure it turns out right!

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

From Conceptual Design to Streamlined Delivery